Thursday, October 01, 2009

While chopping wood I moved my legs and I started dancing while I gathered eggs

for Fee
This pair of pods was commissioned by my sister as a gift for a family member.

My nephew (the hand model above) came up with "another way to do it".
This is his drumkit, which he has assembled himself. The microphone stand is the newest addition, improvised by his dad.
Playing drums is one of his favourite things. He practices, totally self-taught and self-motivated, every day. His dad is a musician but he hasn't really tried to teach my nephew yet. Of course he is motivated by wanting to be like Dad. Not so much Mum - my sister notes that he has no interest in craft activities at all, even at playgroup. He definitely knows what he likes. He loves to watch live rock music DVDs (his dad's favourite bands). He concentrates hard on these, studying the musicians and he knows all their names and what they play. His focus is impressive (and also a little bit hilarious sometimes).

The fascination with drumming has been building over a period of several months, probably since around or not long after his 3rd birthday. The photo below is from July; the kit has developed a bit since then. You can't see it in the photos but I've seen him using a box at his feet for a foot pedal, too. He's had a couple of goes on real drum kits and a recent outing to the music shop where he got to play on an electronic kit. If he keeps it up he's sure to aquire a real kit sooner or later.


Donna Lee said...

Looks like another musician in the family! I love the inventedness of the drum kit. He's definitely got your family genes.

Here's a recipe for your green files. I use this cleaner on my kitchen counters and tables for two reasons, one because it's not toxic and I feel better about using it around my food surfaces; two because I can make it as I go and it's cheaper in the long run. I got it from a blog friend who also says it's good for getting rid of ants!

1 cup water
1 cup white vinegar
2 tablespoons lemon juice
A few drops of dish soap

Mix gently and put into a spray bottle. The vinegar smell evaporates quickly (but vinegar also helps remove odors)

2paw said...

What dedication to his art, what a fabulous drum set!!!!

Jejune said...

Great new pods!

What a brilliant drum set - and amazing dedication! You're quite right about where it will lead - the full REAL drum kit in the bedroom. Like my son has 0_o