Sunday, October 18, 2009

Well that was a LOT quicker than knitting one

It didn't require any sewing, either.

The weather has been pretty awful lately, rainy and cold but not as cold as winter. I'd been hankering for some lighter spring scarves. In winter I wear a warm coat and tend to like a small knitted scarf (like this or this) to close the neckline. But with a lighter jacket, usually worn open, it's nice to have a bigger scarf that can block the wind without adding too much warmth.

You might laugh, but I was inspired by this rather grotesque designer scarf. (A little more digging revealed that it does come in other colours).
red slash scarf
I found this red crinkled knit fabric (t-shirt weight) during our Cabramatta shopping spree. I was so keen that I bought a cheap pair of scissors and did all the snipping on my hotel bed last Saturday night! It doesn't need any hemming - knit fabrics don't fray. The holes have become a little more 'distressed' with a wash and some wearing, but they won't go beyond a certain point (at least, that's the theory). It's more of a deconstructed look than I usually go for but I really like wearing it.
I also have some of the same crinkled stuff in a light olive green, and a piece of a different beautiful dark blue-green knit fabric. That one is not crinkled. I cut holes in a small test piece but wasn't thrilled with the effect. So I think I'll try to crinkle it in the microwave. That should be interesting.


Donna Lee said...

That looks perfect for spring when sometimes it's sunny but the air is still cool. I love to work with knit fabrics because they don't fray but they stretch so!

knitting sprouts said...

what a totally good idea! though with todays weather scarf wearing will have to wait till next week

Sister said...

i love the photo with the leaves. you are clever. enjoyed seeing the execution of this one even though i did seem preoccupied with my new op shop clothes. it would be working well with this weather? Lightweight and versatile?

Jejune said...

I love it! Very much my sort of style as well - I'll have to show Dotter too. Very cool :)