Wednesday, October 07, 2009

I'd dye for you

happy socks 2
I made some birthday socks for my very wool-sensitive Mum from Wendy Happy bamboo and nylon sock yarn. It doesn't have the memory and give of wool, so I found I needed to go down to 2mm needles (thought that's not unusual for me) to get a nice firm fabric.
happy socks
None of the available colourways were really right for Mum, who loves Autumn colours. I ordered it online and thought it just might be ok, but once it arrived I knew it wasn't great for her. Aside from being too pink'n'purple overall, it also had a bizarre coral stripe that just didn't work.

Unfortunately, I forgot to take a photo before I dyed them. And, I was a bit impatient in my search for the right dye colour. I wanted to use an orange-red to shift all the colours to Autumn. Instead I ended up with a strong red that didn't entirely overcome the pinkness - though it did make them nice and bright. She seems to like them anyway!


Donna Lee said...

They look good the new color. The predyed color looks very little girly. I wouldn't think of doing that but now I am looking at some yarn that I ordered that wasn't all I'd hoped and thinking of how I could improve it!

Alwen said...

When I saw the first photo, I thought the label was meant to match!

Anonymous said...

And the socks are very comfortable and smooth inside. They felt so nice I wore them 2 days running - without washing in between!! thank you and ily ma

Leah said...

The new colour looks great - and obviously they're loved :)

2paw said...

The new colour is gorgeous, and I think they will make your mum very Happy!!!

dr k said...

oh they look great. i think i have that colourway, i wonder if i should send them to you for a work up!