Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Rollin' with my homies

Photo by Demelza Sherwood.

Last week I was hanging around knitting with a few lovely ladies, as you do. When I mentioned that I was taking Friday off to spend a long weekend in Sydney with my mum, sister and aunt, there were a couple of funny looks and at least one person looked, well, slightly horrified. I'm well aware that spending three days at close quarters with several family members would not work for everyone. I am just so grateful to have a family I so enjoy being with. I feel blessed.

I knew the weekend would be good; but it turned out to be fantastic. Everything was great, except for the wet cold weather, especially on the Friday. Aunty flew down from Brisbane and the weather was a rude shock for her; even the Canberrans found it pretty chilly. It didn't help that our charming hotel suite was a bit drafty - we used a spare towel to block a large gap under the door.

It was a lovely old hotel though (large breakfasts included) and in a great location.
On Friday we wandered through the fancy shops of Paddington and then went to meet little sister's bus and have dinner in Chinatown. On Saturday morning we thoroughly combed the Paddington Markets.
Terrace house on Oxford St - which colour should they pick?

Saturday afternoon we drove out to Cabramatta to shop for fabric. There are several fabric shops on the main street, all packed claustrophobically with every kind of fabric, and some good discounts to be had.
Photo by Demelza Sherwood.

Cabramatta is a suburb of Sydney where large numbers of people from Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos settled in the late 70s.

The main shopping streets are packed with Asian groceries, fresh food shops, restaurants, clothing shops and the ubiquitous dollar shops full of imported plastic things.

On Sunday, after having an extra-leisurely breakfast and waving aunty off to the airport, the three of us took off to fit in a couple of art galleries before driving home.
This is 'Rapture' by Ken Unsworth, at the Art Gallery of NSW.
Bugatti Type 35 by James Angus, also at the Art Gallery of NSW.
Little sister checking out the coloured bread art by Spanish artist Miralda. Interestingly, the Craftzine blog recently ran an article by Anna Dilemma about other bread artists.
street perform

On the way to the Museum of Contemporary Art (the brown building in the upper background of this picture) we tried to work out what was going on in this performance art at Circular Key. No idea really, but the kids in the audience were clearly willing participants and their parents took lots of photos.


Alwen said...

A delightful tour! I enjoyed 'Rapture'.

Anonymous said...

So glad to know you enjoyed our time at the weekend. I wasn't sure how you'd feel about Cabramatta.
ily ma

kms said...

great highlights of sydney there! i hear the pho in cabramatta is something else. must get out there...

Anonymous said...

Hah, not horrified, but I've been on many holidays with my family and they don't always go so well! (mother + aunt = major dispute in no time flat. every single time). Glad you had a lovely time :-) - Sylvia

Sister said...

Nice story of our little trip Liv. Nothing about saxaphonist busker playing Abba's The Winner Takes It all!! Heaven. Hard to think in those fabric stores - now what do i need some fine turquoise tuile for?