Wednesday, September 30, 2009

You should hear how she talks about you

tilleys embroider
I just spent a lovely evening with my two sisters at Tilley's, a rather dimly lit, atmospheric cafe/bar. There was stitching,
tilleys basket
basket-weaving (this is soooooo on the shortlist for 'my next craft skill')
tilleys basket hands
and for me, a little knitting, though a black sock toe probably wasn't the best choice (did I mention this place is a bit dimly lit?)
tilleys knitting


Michelle said...

What a lovely evening!

And ooh Peppermint - love that mag!

Anonymous said...

You can't imagine what that short blog does to my heart. I can go forth and slog out another day knowing I've done alright. ily ma

melz said...

Nice pics Liv. x

dr k said...

i love the way you guys have hand-craft creativity in your genes!