Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Somebody said they saw me swinging the world by the tail


These little bags came about because I wanted to make something for my nephews and niece during my time off work. At 15 months, the twins love putting things into and out of bags. They've been playing recently with little paper gift bags.
E & B
Yes they look like mini handbags, and I took pleasure in making one for my nephew as well as my niece. They both like to carry their toys and books around. The two are quite different to each other in looks and personality, so the days of matching gifts are probably numbered - not that these are exactly matching.
elephant & bee
Their three-and-a-half-year old big brother scored a wooden bead bracelet and a little pouch to keep it or other treasures in.
bracelet & pouch
I had all the beads already (and a great many more besides). I remember when I bought those letter beads I took two packs knowing that when I came to use them to spell something, I might have trouble finding the letters I needed. And even with two packs, there was no 'E' - I ended up having to transform an 'F' using a fine black pen.
bracelet & pouch_2


Donna Lee said...

Those are perfect little kid gifts. They love carrying things around and putting things in and out of bags! And those will last way longer than gift bags.

amy said...

Oh, Olivia, those are wonderful. I love the elephant. I don't think bags need to be (or should be) a girl only thing. My boys love to have bags in which to carry their stuff. Kids have stuff. Stuff requires bags!! Nice, nice job.

Taphophile said...

The bags are just perfect and I'm very drawn to the bee. The treasures pouch is sure to go down well. I used to do "the same but different" like your bags for our twins and for a while they insisted on the same of everything. Both being girls made it a bit easier.

Anonymous said...

Liv, you're amazing. They are all so beautiful and so thoughtfully designed and so obviously well constructed. Where's that book? ily ma

Bells said...

Olivia they are just perfect and adorable. Well done. I can just picture the little ones pulling things out and putting them back. What a great aunty you are.

DZ said...

I love love LOVE how the bumble bee turned out. You reckon you can't draw, but, kiddo, you got Skills, baby, SKILLS!!! I am not too proud to admit I'm envious!!!

Little sister said...

oH Liv those presents are all so beautiful. what a lovely aunty you are.
i love colours you've used for the bags. I think they'll be presents they'll grow old with or have put away for them and then they'll appreciate them in a different way when they're older.

Kuka said...

ooh Liv - the bags are gorgeous!
I can't believe those little ones are 15 months already!

Trudi said...

They are so cute!!! Love them.

dr k said...

so gorgeous, what lucky little nieces and nephews! you are just too clever you are!