Thursday, December 11, 2008

Safe within its silent socket - he holds a coloured crayon.

sunnyboy louvre_img_1203
Sunnyboy and the Louvre Pyramid.

Back in September, when I packed a small knitting project* for the Europe trip, I envisaged coming back with a whole series of these photos of my Sunnyboy pouch by Quiltingmick posting in front of various landmarks. The Louvre photo was the one I really wanted - and I wish I had spent more time composing the shot, but I think I was distracted by those cute kids.

Alas, the series didn't come about because the whole two weeks was flat out. Tourist opportunities often came straight after work activities, and I generally didn't carry my knitting around with me.
Sunnyboy pouch takes a train from Lillehammer to Oslo.

Most of the knitting I got done was on three train journeys, two of which were significantly delayed. At least you can see that the Sunnyboy made an excellent travel knitting pouch.

*Did you believe I only packed one project? ha, no, of course there was a backup - in spite of my efforts to pack very light - and it didn't get touched.


Michelle said...

OMG - that's absolutely hilarious! Although part of me is besotted by the fact that something I made was photographed in front of the Louvre!

Donna Lee said...

The sunnyboy is such a cute pouch. And it looks right at home there on the train.

Alwen said...

I love the visual echo of the Louvre pyramid with the Sunnyboy!

kms said...

love the louvre pic! just shows what a great shape the pyramid is.