Thursday, December 18, 2008

Just look away now if you've seen enough pears

blue&purple img_2089
This makes me happy: two friends who are both artists bought a cool dozen pears from me, to give as Christmas presents.
pink purple_img_2046stripe_img_2058redblue img_2050
Mostly, they chose from a bundle I had already made. But they did also ask me if I could make a couple more, including a container pear.
pears still life_img_9203Quite a few people have been drawn to the container version when they see my Minicard with that photo. That big one was my very first pear attempt, and my first lidded container attempt too. Until now I've just thought of it as an imperfect prototype (which my sister loves), and I'd put off trying to make another one.

pink pot_img_9172But I realised that I have made a couple of lidded containers now, and although the first one (pink, above) had a lid that didn't fit perfectly, the next one (pale, below) worked better.
white pot_img_0423

So I was ready to try again.
It's made from Sean Sheep Armytage in Key Lime. I'm almost out of my beloved Armytage, so if you see anyone destashing that lovely stuff, in any colours, please let me know, ok?
container bits_img_2078
I'm pretty pleased with it, although I think it's a bit tall. I think it looks like a small pear sitting on top of a bowl.
its hollow_img_2081
And yes the upper part is hollow too.


Michelle said...

I have bucketloads of Armytage in key lime and the burgundy one to give you. Want me to drop them around to your place on the weekend?

I love that your friends are giving pears as gifts!

amy said...

Olivia, I will never have seen enough pears. They're wonderful!

Donna Lee said...

I'm with amy, I love looking at the pears. They're so darn cute.

Karen said...

What does this mean, "enough pears"? How can there be such a thing?

I'm running out of Armytage too. Ours (in Canada) was at Wal-Mart and I bought it while they still had it, but Wal-Mart is getting rid of their yarn and fabric now and replacing it with beads and home decor. Bleah!

And we never did have the Key Lime colour anyway. (Marmalade was my favourite.)

Olivia said...

I think Marmalade was my favourite too!

I think around the time Wal-Mart started selling it was when I started getting hits from people googling 'Sean Sheep Armytage'- though I didn't know why at the time, I gradually figured it out.

kms said...

oh it looks like a beautiful ripe juicy pear! they are just gorgeous!