Friday, December 26, 2008

Some of the things I did

Yesterday I...
Gave two family members unfinished gifts (not the first time that's happened)
Did enough driving around town that I probably could have reached Sydney if I had kept going in just one direction.
Confirmed that yes, an impending house move is stressful
And had a lovely Christmas in spite of myself.

Today I...
Paid the rent for the last time
Mowed the grass in the backyard of the house the bank kindly bought for us
Finished one of those unfinished gifts
Tried a different browser
And went for a bike ride around empty Boxing Day evening streets.

In case you're wondering, at the moment, the piano is still available.
The piano has a new home.


Trudi said...

What did you think of Chrome? I tried firefox last week and loved the fact that it is faster, especially when you opened a new tab. What I didn't love was not being able to get the flash thing to work - have the correct version already, couldn't download it again to work with firefox. Means I can't look at videos on blogs, news etc. Back to IE.

Michelle said...

Did you ride past my house and ding your bell? Do!

Donna Lee said...

Moving is stressful but way worth it in the end. I wish I lived in Canberra, I'd go for the piano. I've always wanted one but I think it's a dream because I have short, stubby fingers and small,square hands. Working woman hands, not elegant long piano playing hands.

Happy New Year, Olivia!

Jejune said...

Best of luck with the move ... am tempted by the piano, but I have a good Roland electric piano, and don't really play enough to warrant a second one.

Glad you had a lovely Chrissie - and hope 2009 is a wonderful year for you :)