Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Still I push my barrow all the day

I was talking to a friend recently about her long service leave and how anxious she is to make use of it. We've talked about it a bit, yet it didn't occur to me until she pointed it out, that since we started our careers at the same time, mine is due early next year too.

I've never given much thought to my long service leave. I guess I just don't really look ahead very far. More that that, it's like those times when I don't realise there is a long weekend coming up. Then on the Friday, someone takes off early and says 'See ya Tuesday!'. There is no better feeling. (Am I saying good things are better if you don't look forward to them too much? That sounds a bit sad.)

As it is, even with Wednesday quarantined largely for my own purposes (I work 4 days part-time), at least some every week is spent in a frenzy of woolly ideas when I should be focused on my job.

It's an entertaining idea to entertain: three at-home months to knit and create and write all about it. I would probably go bit nuts and/or develop knitting-related injuries. It would be hard for me to choose to use up all of the leave in one go. (As a kid Í used to eat my Easter eggs over a period of several months, making my sisters crazy) But I do have a big project in mind that might benefit from some intensive time.

Meanwhile here is the slightly taller, orange/red/green/beige pot from a few posts back, finally felted. With an avocado for scale. I might have to give a bit more thought to my use of scale objects. This is a biggish avocado, if that helps. And, the little blue bowl that Bells has given a home.


Djaughan Zelmonde said...

YAY YAY YAY!!!! I LOVE it that you hadn't connected the fact that YOUR LSL is due too!!!! It's like the UBER example of "See you Tuesday"!!!!!! Howzabout "See you in May"??!?!?! Seriously though, for me at least, it is a delicious feeling - about the only good perk having stayed in the job for.....a DECADE!!!!!!!! Enjoy dreaming about what you might do with your very own 3 months of paid freedom!

Bells said...

awww...there's my little bowl before it was mine. :-) Love the orange one!

Everyone who has seen your little bowl has oohed and ahhed over it, even non-knitters!

All that LSL would be divine. But I would probably be afraid to use it all up at once too - what happens when it's all over???

Or I'd think of taking it at half pay....oh now there's an idea!!!

Your lyric choices for titles are just so hard lately!!!

Taphophile said...

The vessels are just lovely. At TASDA on Monday a feltmaker showed us the vessels she will soon be selling at the NGA shop. They are so much like yours! She felts from the roving rather than knitting first, but the shapes are similar. Hers are based on the shape of sea anenomes.

Olivia said...

I showed my sister tonight and she called them 'pods'.

I'm working on more shape variations. Not sure about selling them just because I don't know if I would ever gear up to produce many. Though I am getting quicker.

Georgie said...

Wow, LSL, just the idea of it makes me feel OLD! Perhaps because Ive never been in the same job long enough to collect any.

Another thing that makes me feel old...that little glimpse of Degrssi Junior High!

Really loving your pods too.

Rose Red said...

Please please please write up a pattern for your pods - they are just sooooo fabulous!!! (or maybe sell just a me!)
Isn't the idea of LSL great. I have LSL already (although haven't taken it yet) and am seriously thinking about taking a month just to knit!

Jejune said...

Aaaah, long service leave... that thing you never get when you're self-employed! Amazing concept... I'm sure you'll enjoy planning what you'll do as much as actually doing it :)

Love your felted bowls, they are just sublime - and yes, I'd love a pattern too, if there's one floating about. I have some of that thick Sean Sheep 100% wool stuff which I think would felt nicely.

Louise said...

I'm a save-your-chocolate-
and-make-it-last person, living with a gobble-it-all-up-now-now- now person. Perhaps if it didn't have to be kept in the mutual territory of fridge it'd be him suffering and not me...

As for LSL, I know some friends of yours who'd love a visit...

(Just love dots today...)