Saturday, May 05, 2007

Heading out singing our song

Come with me for a run. Yes I have my camera in my pocket. And that means I get to stop often to take photos / catch my breath.

While watching where I put my feet, I admire the red leaves carpeting the path.

I love the pines surrounding the oval.

After a long slow uphill slog I reach the place where the buses turn around, and ponder running up Mt Majura one day. Looks pretty flat for a 'mountain', no?

Heh. Turn the other way, through this gate.

Downhill for a bit now. It's mostly a nice packed red dirt path but there are some bumpy parts where I have to watch my step.

It's a big broad strip though the middle of a suburb, an empty swathe of land with powerlines running down the middle. Lots of people walk their dogs here. Old part of the suburb on my left. Across the powerlines, a large brand new section.

Onto the last long leg of this route. Isn't it pretty?

Right beside a major road bringing traffic in from Sydney. Have to turn the music up a notch.

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Still pretty though.

Nearly home, I am stopped in my tracks by the rich red colour of this tree. And the need to breathe.

Now the best part. Spend the rest of the day feeling virtuous. And maybe doing a little stretching.


bertie said...

Great stuff! Although no scenery is gonna make me jog ;)

Bells said...

beautiful photos Olivia! Isn't Canberra gorgeous this time of year?

Jejune said...

Thanks for showing us where you live (well, where you run ;) ... love those autumn trees SO much!

Georgie said...

Beautiful pics. I love that you captured an icon of Canberra - a bus shelter - in your pic of mt majura!

Hmmm, can I feel virtuous too cos I went for a "run" with you??

Djaughan Zelmonde said...

Ahhhhhh.....the new "virtual" run, I'm with Georgie - I can be cheeky and tell myself that I've already gone for a jog.

We should do Mt Majura together?