Friday, May 25, 2007

One of these kids is doin' his own thing

Our grandmother knitted a jacket for my sister from this lovely Anna Bell pattern but she wasn't too keen on crocheting the button covers. I said I would give it a go, and we could always look for something else or even do fabric-covered ones if it didn't work out. It took me a while (well, it was summer for a while there and she wasn't able to wear a woolly jacket; now it's really not) but I finally got the technique sorted out, the right size buttons found, and finally, a full set all finished. Sis is at home just now sewing them on.

Six of them are a set of daggy silver-coloured buttons from Mum's collection, which no-one was too sad to see covered over. When I stretched the covers over the buttons, the holes opened a little and you get little glints of silver through them. We're calling that a deliberate effect.

But the jacket needed seven buttons. The last one didn't quite match: being black and a bit smaller, but we hope you won't be able to tell once they're sewn on.

I was a bit lax following the instructions. Instead of carefully counting rounds, I just increased in a spiral until they looked about right then stopped increasing for about a round and a bit. Stetched it over the button and sewed it up in the back - leaving the shank of the button sticking out, to sew onto the jacket.

The jacket itself is gorgeous on her, and I'll try to get a photo soon.


Bells said...

oh yes. Very, very good! I have never done such a thing with crochet and I think I must. They look fabulous.

Jejune said...

I think silver glinting through is definitely a GOOD design feature ;) They look great - and I didn't notice which was the odd one out, I'm sure it'll be fine.

Like the Sesame Street reference - brought back days when my kids watched it every day (and hence so did I)!

Georgie said...

They look great Olivia, Im sure they'll be a fantstic feature. Can't wait to see a pic.

Ma said...

And I've seen the finished jacket and they look fabulous. Clever big sister!