Saturday, September 30, 2006

Aaargh! Don't do that!

Don't, as we race past each other in the hallway, say "Hi! How are you?". I won't have time to answer, much less ask you politely back how you are, but I WILL FEEL BAD ABOUT IT.

In these situations, just a quick "Hi" or even a nod is better for my mental health, and better all round.


zjcroft said...

I totally agree, I think the phrase "Hi, how are you" isn't really even a question anymore its become the standard greeting, most people who ask don't really want an answer...I think its quite rude to ask something you don't want an answer to!....ok I feel better now, thanks for giving me an outlet for my vent!

Louise said...

Yes it is a standard greeting not a request for information - how many times do you call someone with the following opening:
"Hello how are you?"
"Good thanks how are you?"
"Not too bad. So how are you?"

But don't you think that's really sad that our lives can be so "busy" that we can't even greet people?