Friday, October 06, 2006

ROooooooad Triiip!

As we're about to drive to Melbourne for a few days, we dug out the old map from the last time (something like eight or nine years ago). Click to see bigger versions.

That's about 67 cents a litre

Also, some handy notes to remember.

I'm left wondering: are those toilets at Lake's Entrance still great? Will the navigator heed his own advice to take 'care reading street signs' at Rosedale?


Djaughan Zelmonde said...

Olma, Did you get to the wool mill??? I really really hope that you and K are having a FABULOUS trip!!!! Can't wait to hear all about it.

Kuka said...

Hey I just got back from melbourne, and had the best time!
My parents live just outside of Rosedale, and I agree it is very important to 'take care reading street sign' - that is one hole you don't wanna get stuck in!
Hope you're having a fab time!!!

Olivia said...

Did not get to the wool mills (too far off the track), did fondle some wool in some shops though. The best-looking one (Marta's Yarns) was closed, sadly, so I just pressed my nose up against the window for a while.

Turned out that we didn't have any trouble moving through Rosedale as we were going the other way this time, it's harder to miss the turn when you come up against a T-junction!

map collector's patron said...

who wrote on the map?

That's helpful advice did you add other comments to map during your road trip?