Sunday, September 10, 2006

Some boys think they're sweet enough to eat

As I walked with the dogs this morning I passed a house which is for sale. The huge sign out the front has been there for over a month and I've passed it many times. It has the date of the auction (next weekend) and also features colour photos of the interior.

The main photo shows the spacious living room: a modern closed fireplace on a tiled surround, a pair of tasteful blue two seater lounges, and an expanse of polished blonde wood floor stretching endlessly back towards the camera. It's obviously an old house done up quite nicely. And you know, in a room like that you could do a neat job of swinging a couple of cats tied together, without knocking over any knick-nacks.

But something was different on this nice sunny morning. The curtains were wide open and the real thing was clearly visible. My view of the room was from an angle only a little bit different from the one the photo had been shot from. The reality was so much smaller than what was implied by the photographer's skill with a wide angle lens. A maximum of two paces from the window would put me right inside that little fireplace.

It must be the same kind of lens they used to shoot the indoor swimming pool at a Sydney hotel I once booked online.

The real thing turned out to be about one third the size it appears in this picture. I think those plants must have been brought in just for the photo, and it all looked much more ordinary. I found the whole thing very amusing.


Djaughan Zelmonde said...

Ha ha ha ha a - when I read this I thought of TGN, whose ex is a photographer and took the photos of their newly listed place. The photos also look fab!!!

And your title made me think of my U.S. visitor!!!!!!!!!!!.....that's what HE thinks!

j said...

This reminds me of Fion's parents place - and how tickled she was at the real estate 'spin' their place got (not to mention - the wide angle 'rooms to fit giants' *grin*)

bertie said...

Useful for if I ever sell my house. I could make my bedroom look the size of a football field applying those techniques.

Interestingly, a different rule applies for portraits, where I'm much better looking in person than my photo suggests ;)

zjcroft said...

Yes don't you just love the advertising/photography industry, such a truthful lot!
Thats it, no-one is allowed to take any normal photos of me, its all glamour photography from here out!