Saturday, September 09, 2006

There's a better home a-waiting

So, on Wednesday there was a new project idea eating my brain, and I was weak. I started knitting a large piece which is to become a cylindrical felted bag. No I don't have any pressing need for another bag. Also I have many other projects started or on the list. But sometimes I just have to admit that it would be impractical to do anything other than go with the most brain-consuming item first. And just another X-Files episode or two.

It didn't take long before I ran out of the 2-3 colours of wool that I wanted to use. No problem, I was going into town anyway to pick up my sister, I'll just run into my local major craft and sewing chain store and stock up on those.

But. None of those colours were on the shelf. And none of the other colours there would possibly work.


Oh, and the crappy circular knitting needle that I bought? It broke straight away. I went and got my money back today.


zjcroft said...

Liv, I'm getting the vibe that this project just wasn't meant to be!. I hope you can salvage the work you have already done on it!

Olivia said...

It hasn't beaten me yet. Got more wool at Belco on Sat, and another circular needle on Sun. Onward!