Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Nothing more, nothing less

I handed him the block of Snack chocolate and went off to bed. Well aware that he might put away the whole package in one sitting, I asked if he could just leave me at least a square of orange - the best flavour. The next day I found the wrapper folded over a neat collection of ALL the orange squares.

It's now how we eat Snack in this house.


Djaughan Zelmonde said...

AAAwwwwwww swoon, that is SO cute!!!

Though, I reckon strawberry is the best flavour.

Olivia said...

pineapple is my second fave.
I broke into the block first this time so I did get to try them all, just to check

zjcroft said...

He is very well trained!. I used to say that not having to share food was one of the things that was good about living on your own...I'm not so sure now!.
Strawberry is my favourite too, yum!

sugarglider said...

That is very nice indeed. What a fine fellow. I like strawberry too.