Sunday, January 15, 2012


The other day I was hunting in my wool cupboard for something when I came across a packet of lavender scented cedar balls. They are supposed to be a moth deterrent (both the cedar and lavender scents are allegedly unappealing) but I'm pretty sure they don't do much good sealed in their packet. These balls would be ok just scattered in a box or drawer, but I hadn't figured out a good way to disperse them in the cupboard. I didn't really fancy having a few balls bounce out and roll away each time I shuffle through the shelves.
I had an idea and dropped what I was doing to implement it right away. And doesn't that feel good, occasionally? At least, when it works - I've rushed into my share of projects that turn out to be a waste of time.

I deliberately chose to use an acrylic - it probably doesn't matter but it seemed wrong to use wool to make moth-repelling sachets. I also get a kick out of finding ways to use the most horrible yarns in my stash. They were knit in the round in a fishnet-type stitch I happened to remember from making this bag, just alternating rounds of (K2tog, YO) and (YO, K2tog). A silly impulse project like this quickly loses its momentum if you have to spend time researching/planning! And it couldn't have worked out much better if had planned it. The first one happened to turn out to be the perfect size to hold six balls. And the packet had 18 in total.
Terribly dark photos, sorry....
So I made two more, and thumb tacked them to the inside of the cupboard door. I know they are absolutely not guaranteed to keep moths out...but they are cute, and can't hurt.
Not the full stash, just (much of) the feltable wool. And yeah it's a colourful mess.


Demelza said...

nice idea and the photos not so bad - atmospheric.

Rose Red said...

That is a great idea. And I LOVE your stash cupboard! (although I think I am secretly glad mine doesn't have glass doors - so other people can't see it, heh)

Anonymous said...

They're so cute. And such a pretty pattern and colour. Great way to use synthetic 'wool' too. clever daughter. ily

Donna Lee said...

But colorful messes are so much more inspirational than organized stashes.

I have bags of cedar shavings (from the family woodworker). He puts the shavings into small plastic bags and I put holes in the bags and toss them into the yarn. So far, so good.

Bells said...

inspirational! Where did you get the cedar balls, BTW?