Friday, December 31, 2010

Give me a dime so I can phone my mother

So various things happened in December, and I didn't manage to photograph the Christmas presents I made before they were hastily wrapped and then unwrapped.

This one came back to me for finishing on Boxing Day. It is the Turkish Stitch String Bag, made for my sister. I bought the crochet cotton online earlier this year with the intention of using it for the Sweetheart Dress I made for my niece, but when it arrived it was so bright and shiny, it just wasn't right. I ended up buying a different cotton for the dress, in a similar but softer colour and a slightly softer yarn too.

But little sister loved this apple green, so I put it away with a note on it to consider making a string-style bag for her.

I only added the button and loop today. She took it on a trial run to the pool and concluded that it could do with a closure. It's very wide - I doubled the stitch count because I was using much smaller needles (4mm) than the pattern called for, and I didn't want the holes to be really big. Doubling the stitches might have been a slight overreaction - half as much again might have been enough - though then I might have made it a little deeper. It doesn't really matter as it can stretch in one direction or the other, depending on the weight and shape of what's inside.


Anonymous said...

It is really beautiful and I think little sister is a lucky woman and you're a lovely big sister. :) ily ma

Donna Lee said...

It looks like a handy bag to take to the pool or shopping. And the button closure looks like you designed it that way on purpose. Just perfect.

Happy 1/1/11!

drkknits said...

surely the most stylish bag at the pool however! happy new year, by the way :)

Jejune said...

What a classic bag - thanks for the link to the pattern. I'll have to cast one on too, perfect gift (and bus) knitting!