Monday, January 03, 2011

I knew if I stopped talking you would start

I received this gorgeous project bag for Christmas from my sister. Actually it was a joint project with mum, apparently started a Christmas or two ago. (We've all had projects like that, right?)
Mum sewed the bag and sister E did the applique and embroidery. The silver fabric is from our bridesmaid's dresses from E's wedding several years ago. And the lining is nice and slippery which works well for knitting projects.
project bag detail
You might just be able to see in these photos, she has embroidered around some of the shapes within the large motifs.
project bag detail 2
I really love using this bag, and my current cardigan project went straight into it - it's dark grey so they even look elegant together.


Michelle said...

Beautiful and practical and full of memories. The perfect gift!

Bells said...

oh it's lovely. What a great job they've done!

2paw said...

It's gorgeous and I can see all the lovely embroidery. I imagine it being all swishy!!!

Donna Lee said...

I can see the stitches and they're lovely. I am of the firm opinion that one can never have too many project bags. That one is wonderful. I'd use it all the time to show it off.

drkknits said...

that is just stunning! love the idea of the slippery lining. so clever!