Saturday, January 08, 2011

Christmas is not only about aquiring cool new things - but I did aquire some cool new things

serviettes + globe
More christmas presents! These are the serviettes that mum made for me. I love the combination of fabrics, and the cotton is textured and soft. I feel like I need a special occasion to use them for the first time (and also perhaps a proper dining table).
core & mantle
And my sister got the globe for me in Japan. It is cardboard with a 'leather' textured finish. It is so well-designed that it was a joy to assemble. You can choose to leave out a segment to see the innards - inner core, outer core, mantle and upper mantle. Oh and the continents are printed with animals all over them.


Anonymous said...

That is such a cool globe. Really beautiful. ily ma ps glad you like the serviettes.

Donna Lee said...

Use the serviettes. Don't put them away for "good", they'll never get used. They're beautiful and were made with love for you to use.

The globe is just plain cool.

Sister said...

I didnt know it would look like that. Cool Liv glad you like it. x

Alwen said...

Ooo. I love the globe!