Monday, January 09, 2012

Drink to the sound of the song parade

This Christmas present for our littlest nephew was a collaboration between my sister (she's here too) and me. I knitted the doll and she brought it to life by adding the face. It was a joke that instantly became an excellent plan - I sent her the link to show her what I was making and said 'don't worry, I promise not to call on you at the last minute to rescue me, like to embroider the face at the last minute ....wait... unless you WANT to collaborate?'
It turned out she loved the idea, and didn't she do a sweet job? I would never have come up with those eyebrows! Such personality.

I used this lovely simple pattern (there is also a version knit flat, in several different sizes, designed for beginner knitters), though I did the in-the-round version, and added a little bit of shaping to the top of the head, hands and feet.

I was delighted when Dolly was immediately given a good gumming.

Actually not only Dolly, but also this post, is real family effort. The photos were taken by our biggest nephew (just 6). I should note, he actually composed them nicely with people in them - I've just cropped them for this post. Later their mum, our sister, drew this sweet portrait.


amy said...

The doll is adorable, but those chubby baby arms? Definitely the best part of this post. :-)

Donna Lee said...

Good photos. He takes after you. Your family is so creative. Everyone seems to have one or more talents. You must have amazing parents.

Bells said...

the thing I noticed first in these photos was not the doll (which is adorable) but the arms! Chubby baby goodness! Oh my!