Monday, January 02, 2012

the galaxy from inside a jar

I had plenty of lavender left after making the eye pillow, so I took the opportunity to make a few little lavender sachets for presents. The lavender came in a big bag and it was a bargain because it was still on the stalks rather than just petals. It was a bit time-consuming pulling the petals off to use (though a lot had fallen to the bottom of the bag, which helped, but it smelled great! I still have lots left, and I think I might make myself a neck pillow with the remaining linseed and lavender.

The pink one started with a picot hem, a round with eyelets for the drawstring, and then I used this
chain-of-hearts motif - after several failed attempts to reverse the direction of a different heart motif (also, that pattern included SK4P and K4tog, not super fun in splitty cotton).

For the other two I just did a normal cast on edge, and this leaf lace pattern. The ties are just a crocheted chain. The white one is Patons Feathersoft 4ply, and the orangey one is Trekking XXL sock wool. I switched to the navy blue fabric for the lining because I became slightly concerned that the white cotton I had used for the pink one might not be tightly woven enough to stop a few bits of lavender/leaf/sticks I missed poking through. I hope it wasn't a problem though, as I used that white fabric for the eye pillow as well. I like the navy with the white sachet, but I think white would have looked nicer under the orange one. Still, all of them will smell nice in the wardrobe or underwear drawer.


Anonymous said...

And it does too.... smell good, that is! thanks honey ily ma

amy said...

Mmm, I love the smell of lavender. Very soothing! When I wash the sheets I put a few drops of lavender essential oil in the washing machine. (In hopes it will help the kids fall asleep!!!)

Donna Lee said...

I have some small sachets in with my knitting. It makes working on some plain knitting more enjoyable since it smells so good.