Tuesday, December 20, 2011

crafting fever + lavender

I am in the midst of an intense couple of weeks of crafting fever. I have to be careful when I try to describe this to people. It's hard to explain that I am stressed and tired but not unhappy and in fact it's my favourite time of the year. I always end up overcommitted and overstretched before Christmas but I wouldn't really have it any other way. Of course you might think that I should be more organised, plan better, and maybe start earlier. However, I'm pretty sure that the earlier I start, the more ideas I would have for gifts I might make, and the whole thing could take up half my year. Anyway I tend to work best under pressure.
This is one thing I can show now as it has already been given. It's the Streaming Leaves Lavender Eye Pillow by Cat Bordhi. An elegant and fairly quick pattern to make, being knit in the round. Oh sure, it can appear slightly creepy if you see the leaves as eyes.... I think it's just a little kooky.
I closed it with a ribbon instead of kitchener stitching it closed - I thought my friend might want to be able to remove and wash the cover one day. Of course, due to the shape, it's not likely she'll be able to get the lining bag out without cutting the lining open and tipping some of the filling out.
The pattern calls for flax seeds and lavender inside the pillow. I couldn't think what flax seeds looked like and had to ask in the health food shop, then I felt really silly when I was handed a packet of linseed - I had forgotten they were the same thing. Linseed/flax seed is often used in neck pillows, as it can be heated or cooled and will hold its temperature for a while.


amy said...

Yes, I'm familiar with the starting earlier/more ideas/still rushed phenomenon. :)

So! Linseed oil is from flax. Learned something today!!

Demelza said...

I like that you say you are stressed and tired but not unhappy. Good to make that clear. Yes excellent things can happen under pressure - things align! I have had a lazy lead up to xmas - your small job will be my only creative project apart from my paper chain party decorations.

Donna Lee said...

It does look like the eyes are glancing to the side.....

I am the same way. I feel stressed and pressured to Get Things Done but for me, that's part of the month of December. I haven't baked a cookie yet and still have some presents to sew and things to wrap.........

nope, no stress here!