Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Coloured pencils


I don't really draw or sketch, beyond the occasional inept diagram in my notebook to help me remember an idea. Yet I still crave a nice set of coloured pencils when I see them in the shops. I gave in last weekend at an op shop. I walked in five minutes before closing and found a massive plastic ziplock bag of coloured pencils. It was arguably overpriced at $10, but I don't mind thinking of this as a donation to charity. And I had a very pleasant time sorting, testing and sharpening them. Probably well over half of them passed the test and made it into these jars. The rest were either thrown in the bin, re-donated, or (the annoyingly short ones) put aside for possible future craft use.


Taphophile said...

Oh the joy of a REALLY sharp pencil!

amy said...

Really, you can't have enough. Especially when more than one child wants to use the same color at the same time. ;) We have lots of colored pencils too, and don't yours look inviting, sorted by color like that!

Donna Lee said...

One of my girls is an artist. I can never resist a good set of pencils when I'm in the store. She does beautiful pieces with water colors but can also turn out an adorable anime character.

I am not a sorter. I'd put them into the jars all willy nilly. I was always that way when we played games with money as well. I don't sort my money, it just lays on the table in a pile.

Alwen said...

Good colored pencils are so pricy, you might have more of a bargain than you realized. Look at all those colors and nice sharp pointy points!