Saturday, November 26, 2011

Cave Garden, Mt Gambier

The event I attended was in a theatre near the town hall. I had time for a 5 minute wander before lunch break was over. There is a very tidy rose garden...
025 P
Oh, here's a path, I wonder where that goes?
029 P
It goes towards a massive hole in the ground.
070 P

I had no idea about this sinkhole in the middle of town, so I found it quite surreal - ordinary street, nicely planned gardens, then stairs descending into the bowels of the earth... well actually only to a couple of lookout points.
It looked pretty dry but apparently there is a waterfall in winter.

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Demelza said...

That sink hole is crazy! I liked seeing the picture with strip of shops (?) watched a movie /book ? with a sinkhole recently.. All sorts of things ended up in there. Freaky.