Thursday, November 24, 2011

Mt Gambier - Crater Lakes

Last week I had a work trip to Mt Gambier, and managed to carve out a little bit of time to be a tourist.
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Very close to the town is the stunning Blue Lake. The lake sits in an extinct volcano crater and changes colour at different times of year. I don't think I saw it at its most turquoise colour, but you can see hints of it in the shallower parts around the edges.

I had been dropped off by taxi to make the most of a spare hour before I was due at the airport. It was a hot day and extremely windy up there in the lookout area. It seemed a slightly crazy thing to do with my (smallish) luggage, but I changed into more sensible shoes and slogged up what seemed like 100 or so steps, to see what the view was like from the higher lookout.
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When I got up there, I was disappointed to find a lot of trees and foliage obscuring the view - I'd been hoping to see the shape of the lake/crater better - but I did enjoy those glimpses of the farmland beyond the lake.
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The photo below is the lookout over the Leg of Mutton Lake, in another crater right next to Blue Lake. I think its water level is very low, I couldn't see the lake but loved that curving line of pine trees.
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Sheep Rustler said...

I've been there when it really was the most astonishing turquoise!

Bells said...

beautiful. so glad you crammed in a quick trip there. It's a lake that always looks so stunning in photos - seeing it person would be lovely.

Michelle said...

How beautiful is this place! Well done for taking time out from a business trip to really SEE a place. Too often when we travel for work we never take the opportunity.