Sunday, May 15, 2011

now's no time to hesitate

The other day I took some more items in to the Craft ACT shop. They regularly stock my pears and bowls there, and they sell slowly but reasonably steadily, which is fine with me. It might be hard to keep up with faster sales, and I like knowing that they are there for people to see, even if they don't always buy.

However, I have been wanting to develop another product I could sell there, and thought that this necklace might be a good contender.

A while ago I made another one to send to my aunt. Here they are posing together.

For us sort of quiet types it can be hard to put yourself out there. I knew that they are selective about what they stock - and I'm cool with that of course. I happened to be wearing the necklace (not planned on this occasion, though I had worn it before hoping it would spark a conversation) and as our business was being concluded, I pushed myself to say 'have you seen my necklace? I'd like to show it to you as a possible item to sell'.

And then, as I fumbled with the clasp, the bloody thing fell right off my neck!

A jump ring had come unattached from the felt at the side.

I had no option but to plough on, 'ah well of course it is a prototype, and I plan to use sterling silver findings, I have some oxidised silver chain at home which is really nice, anyway what do you think?'

Talk about an uncomfortable silence. To be honest, the reaction ended up being pretty kind, though not exactly enthusiastic.

It actually wasn't really until I got home, pulled the wretched thing out of my bag and replayed the experience in my head, that I realised just how mortified I was. What awful timing. How hard it will be to try again.
J necklace

The one I made for my aunt used oxidised sterling silver chain which I bought on etsy. Aunty, I do hope it is standing up to a bit of wear but if it falls apart, call me!


Anonymous said...

Oh poor Liv; how sad for you as I know exactly how hard it is to do what you did. It will work again. I always get lovely comments when I wear mine, most recently last week by an SES at work. You're the best, ily ma

Rose Red said...

I think it is fab, good for you in putting yourself out there, I know how hard that can be as well.

amy said...

This is my fear whenever I think about selling something I've made. How to know if it will hold up? It makes me wonder how people get the confidence to sell their items. I think I need to use stuff for about three years before I can think about selling it...

Consider it research, perhaps?

2paw said...

Oh, that's so awful for you, and I think you are very brave putting yourself out there. The shop people sound really nice, though, so maybe you might try again a bit later on??

Alwen said...


Ouch, awkward! And isn't it the worst, the way it keeps replaying in your head?

Emma said...

oh no, how awful! It takes a lot of courage to put yourself out there like that.