Monday, May 02, 2011

You're in a story I heard somebody told

These pillowslips were a recent present from Mum. She made them of course, and the fancy plaited bit at the end is inspired by something in a really cool book which my sister and I bought for her for Christmas. (What goes around, comes around, right?)
They are fraternal twins - one dark grey and one lighter (the different sides of the fabric). And I think they are far too nice to sleep/drool on, at least for a while - even though the fabric is really nice and soft - so the spare pillows are acting as couch cushions for the moment.


Anonymous said...

Shes So clever ! I know where the auntie pillow lives.

Donna Lee said...

You could use them as pillow shams and not drool on them.

I'd bet your mom would say that the gift was meant to be used.

Taphophile said...

They are lovely and will produce the best intertwined dreams. :)

Kuka said...

wow - those are gorgeous liv! Your mum is so clever! (it runs in the family, hey =)) x