Monday, May 09, 2011

sing ditties to thee

This is Laura Chau's Bellevue cardigan, knit in Patonyle.
The idea was this would be done before summer and perfect for the air-conditioned office. However other projects intervened, as they always do, and it was only finished a few weeks ago. I've worn it a couple of times but now it is a bit cold for short sleeves. I quite like a short-sleeved cardigan over a sleeveless top on more moderate summer days or in air-conditioning. For me, this one in 4 ply wool is about the limit of warmth for a knit with short sleeves - though I may be able to layer it over a long sleeved t-shirt.

I think I knit the smallest size, but I added length, and the four 50g balls that I thought would be plenty wasn't quite enough. I had done all but the garter stitch edging when I had to put the call out for a bit more from some kind knitter. And in the end, if hadn't wanted a couple of extra rows on the edging, what I had left might have just about made it.

In the photo below, you may be able to see where the dyelot changes in the middle of neck edging. I was stubborn and tried to finish with the wool I had, when I knew I should have started the edging with the new ball. I had two different (neither matching) dyelots to choose from. I looked at them carefully under my daylight lamp and couldn't discern a difference. It's not at all visible in most lights, just bright sunlight, apparently.
bellevue back_2
Part of the reason I wanted a slightly wider band/edging was because I got a bit too enthusiastic with shoulder decreasing, so the shoulders were a couple of stitches narrower than they should have been.

One of these days I might knit a pattern in separate pieces (I know sometimes seams make for good structure - and a place to hide ends), but knitting seamlesssly in one piece is just so cool. I've done top-down raglans before but nothing bottom-up. The way the shoulders come together is really clever - great pattern all round.
bellevue back
The jury is still out on the Patonyle though. It's a sock wool with nylon, so it should wear well, but it's just so soft and went a little fuzzy as soon as I wore it. It's such an old favourite wool for Australian knitters though, that I have some faith it will be alright. I do have a clothes shaver (lint remover) but hope I don't have to do that too much.

The colour is funny - for all the years it's been sitting in the stash I thought it was really a grey, just a little greenish. But now it is in my wardrobe, it really doesn't look to me like a grey at all, more like a greyish olive. Luckily that works well for me.


Donna Lee said...

I love that pattern. I like a short sleeved sweater with a bit of a pattern around the edges.

I used patonyle that someone gave me and I loved it. It's such nice yarn to knit with and made a wonderful pair of socks. It would make a really comfy sweater.

nettie said...

It's a great pattern and looks lovely on you. Pity we're down to the minuses already.

Rhonda said...

Wear it all winter with a long sleeve top underneath - really lovely!

2paw said...

It's gorgeous and I can't see where the colour changes at all. I do like that pattern.
I found my 4ply cardi went fuzzy too, much more than socks do. It is strange.

Anonymous said...

thats just gorgeous olivia. it suits you perfectly, and is so beautifully knitted. i'll be curious to see how the patonyle wears as a cardi, it does get a little flufy as socks, but thats not surprising really. love the colour.

Rose Red said...

It's a great colour and fits you so well. I knit a cardi for Connor from Patonyle and was surprised it fuzzed up a bit too. But it wore really nicely (for the 5 minutes it fit him, heh!) so hopefully you will have the same experience (except I'm sure your cardi will fit you for more than 5 minutes!)

Loz said...

Hey Olivia,

Just thought I'd get in touch to let you know (if you dont already know) that this Sunday is A Celebration of Wool Day at the Old Bus Depot Markets in Canberra.

Please let me know if you'd like more information via or check out