Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Is it an elaborate pendant or a small bib?

black circles
So, I'd been meaning to make another necklace like this one for months. Actually, I'm pretty sure I promised my other sister a black one. Other sister? Let's talk.

And, I keep making felted circles which seem to have all sorts of uses. I've also been wanting to have a go at 'bib' style necklaces using embellished felt.

And finally I had a new outfit which wanted a new necklace, and an event to wear it to. Deadlines can be wonderful - I made this from scratch on Sunday (including felting the circles and drying them quickly on the heater, even though it wasn't really cold enough to have the heater on) because I wanted to wear it on Sunday night.
I haven't been able to correct the colour of the top - it's actually a very dark bright fuschia - but the point is, the necklace sort of works with the shape of the neckline. At least, that was the idea.

If I do this again, I'd like to come up with a slightly more involved beading design. And a simple way to attach a fabric backing - I can tolerate the felted wool (I always find it less scratchy than the same wool before it is felted) but it would be more comfy with something smooth on the back.


NessaKnits said...

I can see some thrifted jet black beads on the next one you make.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Liv. Better than any jewellery I've seen. ily

Donna Lee said...

It fits that opening perfectly.

Alwen said...

Ooo, I have to share links to the bead embroidery posts I made a couple of years back, because the round shapes remind me of it!

Photos from the mini workshop I took:

And the one I finished:

Anonymous said...

its lovely liv and great against that pink. nice one.