Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I can't remember kissing him goodbye

I've been really lax, not posting these sooner. The Call of the Small is finishing this week. It has been a wonderful exhibition to be part of and I really appreciate having the opportunity to take part.

Context: how small it really is.




Yeah, this one shows my coarse little pods, but more importantly, I think my favourite pieces in the whole show, Robert Boot's acrylic bowls. They are turned on a lathe and you can see how he does it, here.

Granted, my photos have some interesting reflection effects - I particularly like the one above, if you squint it looks like the (mini) gallery has large windows high on the walls, even a ghostly staircase.....(a bit big maybe)

But if you didn't make it to the real thing and want to see it all in nice clear detail, Anna-Maria did a series of posts with excellent photos of the four galleries:

White Knight
Red Hots
Curiously Strong

Very last chance - I think you can still see the show tomorrow, as they extended it by a few days. I'll be going to CraftACT at 6pm for Re-Loved Re-Vamped, the next iteration of a fashion parade focusing on recycling and reusing textiles.


Michelle said...

Depending on how my sore throat progresses, I might see you there at Reloved Revamped!

Love that photo with the staircase in the reflection.

Donna Lee said...

That is a wonderful display. I like the little chairs. I have a doll house kit that is sitting under the bed waiting to see the light of day. I have always been fascinated by the small. I have a grandfather clock that is less than 6 inches tall built from a kit.

Alwen said...

Of course, this and the linked posts were my only chance to see it. Love that little chest of drawers!

The Shopping Sherpa said...

I think your pears were a highlight of the show!

Anonymous said...

so clever, the whole thing! its so cool that youre a part of it. great photos too.

Busy Bird said...

what a great idea of an exhibition! would have love to have seen it but coming to canberra about 2 weeks to late. lovely work!

Jejune said...

I was really pissed off about missing this show, but was under bed arrest in hospital for most of September. Thanks for the photos, and congratulations on getting your felted pods into the show! It all looks amazing!