Thursday, August 19, 2010

Warm blue

Oh August. Cold and miserable, windy and wet. I'm over it. It's amazing how there is quite enough of winter left to go for it to seem interminable, yet not enough time to knit the warm cabled jumper I hoped I would be wearing this winter. I swatched for it last year, but haven't started the knitting yet.
long fetching_2
This is mostly what I was knitting while in Thredbo the week before last. Good old Fetching. I have knit this pattern twice before and knew that they could do with being a bit longer in the wrist and over the fingers, for maximum warmth. The wool is Naturally Me, a delightful merino and cashmere blend.
long fetching
If it ain't broke, don't fix it. I often knit the same patterns more than once. It's nice to know what you're doing and that it will work!

They weren't for me, but a little surprise for someone who has knit a lot for me as well as sending me much wool too.


Donna Lee said...

Funny to hear that you are "so over" winter when I was thinking I was so over summer. I think it's an August thing. It just seems like it is endless and then suddenly it's gone. I like summer and its easy schedules but I am tired of hot.

Anonymous said...

They look so elegant in that colour, and I think I know who they're for and she will love them. ily ma

DZ said...

Wow! They look great finished! I love that I witnessed the journey of them being created!

Melz said...

Very nice gloves Liv
You been knitting too much for other people xx though we love it

Emma said...

They look nice in Naturally Me, the cables pop out really well.

I'm with you on knitting the same pattern more than once, especially for gifts. If it's a good pattern and the recipient will like it, why not?

Anonymous said...

gorgeous, great pattern, perfect yarn! im over it too.