Saturday, August 07, 2010

one perfect moment

I really try not to take it for granted. I'm lucky to be able to afford the money and time to come here, and stay right in Thredbo village (no driving to and from the skifields each day) the right clothing to be comfortable, the lessons I've taken to be able to ski better. More than anything though I love to just stop sometimes, forget about whether my legs are doing a good job or not on that particular run, and just be, on a mountain, surrounded by white, and trees, and rocks.

Last day tomorrow, and I will be happy to go home.


Donna Lee said...

And one gorgeous photo. I like to stop and appreciate things like that. They make you feel good inside and grateful.

Anonymous said...

[Mmmmm can't translate previous comment but the first word is 'person' or 'people'.] So glad you can experience that beautiful part of nature. ily ma

DrK said...

a picture like that certainly helps put things in perspective doesnt it? just lovely. nice to know youre going home in one piece too!

Elizabeth McClung said...

I am glad you had the time up there skiing to - the skiing eventually does become second nature (think how complicated riding a bike or driving a car is) - at least not annoyed by being passed by 5 year olds in the alps (the little daredevils!).

I would definately like you to come over for some skiing, I could recommend some nice scenic trails (I think of one downhill trail that is 5K of green, lots of great views), or if you want, a straight mile down of verticle moguls - for those with a great desire for a cast.

Thanks for the pictures!