Thursday, February 04, 2010

Forgive me if I'm repeating myself

b dress
I made this little dress for a little girl who's been owed (at least, in my head) something knitted since she was born 19 or so months ago.

I made the 18 months size. I think those sizes are generous - it looks like it will be biggish on her. My niece is still wearing hers, which I made about a year ago - much more wear than I expected.

It's made from Lincraft Amalfi cotton in 'purple mix' with contrasting 'turquoise mix' hidden between the ridges in the yoke and hem. I wondered if I should have used the contrasting yarn for the actual ridges instead, for a less subtle effect. The Amalfi turned out well and should wash and wear well, but it was terribly splitty to knit, worse than any other cotton I've used. It really slowed me down, watching what I was doing and repairing split stitches as I went along. I noticed that my knitting action adapted a bit about halfway through to avoid some of the problems, but it still needed close attention and good light.
Oh yeah, and I did put buttons on it. I had two options and couldn't decide so I ended up having the recipient's mum choose. I don't have a photo but they are a pale purple that went nicely. The buttons ended up on the 'wrong' side - or at least opposite to the other two I've made. I must have somehow done one row less before joining. I don't think it matters (please don't tell me if this is some terrible faux pas!)

This is a wonderful free pattern from Tora FrØseth, who not long ago launched her online store with patterns and kits. I love free patterns and I've made good use of this one. But next time there is a baby or toddler girl to knit for, you can expect to see Sweetheart instead, as I've just purchased the pattern. Seemed fair to make a purchase.


Donna Lee said...

The nice thing about that style is that when it becomes too short to be a dress, you can put it on over some leggings and make it a top.

I love the purple/turquoise combination. (and no one will notice the faux pas if you don't point it out)

Sarah said...

How lovely - I'm on the lookout for sweet little people patterns and this fits the bill, love all three of your versions

Anonymous said...

you continue to inspire me on the LSD. I think a certain someone in my life needs a new one in cotton! Was looking at Amalfi just earlier this week. It looks good.

Anonymous said...

I've said it before - and no doubt I'll say it again - I wish you could make me an adult size dress like this!!! Though, I don't that it would look actually cute on me, rather than a bit twee.

Nice to see your work from the other side of the world Olma. Missing you, but spirits have lifted! HDZ xoxoox

Busy Bird said...

This is beautiful - you are such a great knitter!! You should sell them and I'll buy one for audrey one day!

Alwen said...

Too bad there isn't a grown-up version - it's cute!

DrK said...

this is such a lovely pattern and the colour is gorgeous. i would love a grown up version as well!!