Saturday, July 11, 2009

Another little sister gets a dress - finally

spots close2
I've been waiting to post this for weeks and weeks, while trying to find a time to see baby A and her family. (Several things got in the way, mostly not wanting to pass various germs back or forth at certain points.) I was finally able to see them today, and a good time was had by all. She did throw up on me but she didn't cry - I call that a win!
little sister A dress
It was also good because I could assure myself that the dress is going to fit, and have some growing room. And just because it was a gift finally given, and received. If you've ever hand-made a gift, or even agonised over a gift purchase, you might be familiar with that mild anxiety that builds up over time until the transfer is made, and you see it's well-received.
square buttons
I used the Little Sister's Dress pattern again. The other one, made for my niece, was in cotton, this uses 4ply baby wool. The white with navy speckles (I just love how it knitted up, in spite of the noticeable differences in the amount of speckles between balls from the same dyelot) is Cleckheaton Merino Bambino, and the navy stripes in the yoke and hem are Patons Dreamtime.

I started out intending to have several wide stripes of a pinkish red all down the dress, bordered by narrow navy stripes. Just one or two stripes into this plan, my sister convinced me there would be far too much going on, and the end result might be a wild little dress that wouldn't 'go' with much. I was happy to admit the stripes weren't working for me - it was turning out to be a sailor-suit look, which might be cute but not the more girly look I was going for. (Even though adding that pink-red colour was my attempt to make it more girly. It's funny how these things go.) She suggested making the rest of the dress below the yoke just in the speckled stuff and then embellish it after the fact with something a little unexpected.

On the other hand, my other sister loved the sailor dress aesthetic and asked if it would be possible for me to make it in an adult size.
spots close
The pink circles are crocheted and felted then sewn onto the dress. One has a rudimentary embroidered 'A', continuing the monogram theme for baby gear.


Taphophile said...

Such a neat, clean design. Spot concentration only noticeable when you mention it. The applique with embroidery and buttons a creative touch that lifts from a nice knitted piece to a unique designer gift.

Bells said...

oh so lovely. And yes, it unique and special with the extra touches. You have such an eye.

happyspider said...

Absolutely stunning! Every detail works so well :)

DZ said...

Simply gorgeous.

dr k said...

it is totally gorgeous! the little afterthought about an adult size sailor dress conjures up all sorts of visuals!

Donna Lee said...

What a cute dress. I like that it could be worn through three seasons.

Alwen said...

What a cute little dress! The pink buttons really make that dress.