Thursday, July 16, 2009

Shout out for the London girl

Remember my sister's drawings? Three of them can currently be found at the Canberra School of Art Gallery as part of Momentum, the 18th Tamworth fibre textile biennial. It's on til 1 August.

A friend and I walked over at lunch time earlier this week. He had already been to the show once - apparently he walked around the room making a mental note to tell me about it as I would really like it, and was greatly amused when he finally came to the name Demelza Sherwood.

fabric design
Oops, I forgot to take down the name of the artist who designed these fabrics. There were several of those clothing-shaped cutout viewers. We liked them.

Edited to add: It's Gum Blossum, 2007, by Penny Malone.
You can see and read about all of the works on the Tamworth Regional Gallery's site.

It's really worth seeing this show, not only because of my talented sister's work but there is such a wonderful variety of textile art, including some really fascinating knitted pieces. I particularly loved Alana Clifton-Cunningham's Second Skin series (there's a picture of a similar piece here).


Sister said...

Hi thanks for the shout out Liv

That piece is by Penny Malone, Gum Blossum, 2007.
You can go to this site for a run through of the works.


Jejune said...

Thanks for the info on the show, I'll try to get over and see it - I love those 'clothes viewers' - very clever idea!