Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Enemy of beige

Once I had pointed it out, that beigy bland pod started to bother me. Maybe I was influenced by reading Pamela Stephenson's biography of Billy Connolly last week. He famously hates beige and 'beige people'. I really enjoyed the book, and it certainly didn't hurt that Pamela quoted plenty of Billy's humour throughout. I've often claimed he's the only standup comedian I'd be likely to go and see (though I haven't) - I usually find standup comedy very uncomfortable.

On Monday I grabbed the bland pod off the desk and stuffed it in my bag as I headed out for a lunch break. I ducked into Lincraft, chose some embroidery thread in a bright orange and bright purple (very Billy colours), picked up some needles and a pair of tiny folding scissors (these can live in my handbag from now on), and went to a cafe to do some embellishing.

I seem to have had an urge to embroider things for quite a while, helped along very recently by discovering Mr X Stitch who highlights fascinating needlework of all types.

Unfortunately, I don't actually know much about embroidery. And I jumped right in without making any kind of plan. It was like doodling. There are no photos here because the results don't look any good. So far. I think I'll add another lunch hour or two of doodling and see where that gets me!

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Kuka said...

thanks for the link - I'm loving looking at embroidery lately.
Carina does some really pretty 'doodly' type stitching, and feeling stitchy has a good web-wide round up too, if you're interested more embroidered eye candy =)