Sunday, January 31, 2010

Miss Yellow, in the train carriage, with a good book

lace gloves
Last week we took a trip on an old train to nearby town Bungendore, run by the Australian Railway Historical Society. Unfortunately they can't run the steam engines during a total fire ban (most/all of summer), so it was pulled by a slightly less romantic diesel engine. Still, it was a lovely trip.


knitting sprouts said...

I'd like to do that sometime - we did the zig zag railway recently and it was diesel too because of th fire ban. shame.

Busy Bird said...

love those gloves!

Jejune said...

We did a similar trip by the ARHS years ago, down to Michelago, it was great fun!

Love those yellow gloves, though it must have been too hot to wear them for long. Still, the perfect thing to wear on such a journey (even if it was by diesel instead of steam).

Alwen said...

Are they netted? I've gone and looked at the original on Flickr and I can't tell for sure. A little knot at each join?