Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Gimme a 'B'! and an 'N' and an 'E'!

B washer

One of my Christmas gifts for my nephews and niece were these face washers, using patterns by Rhonda K White.

It was satisfying to not spend too much money (actually it's a rule in our family). The purple is Cleckheaton Fiddle Dee Dee which I've had for ages. I bought it, for no good reason but cheap of course, not long after making my first socks in the same stuff. I didn't even like the purple colour much - I'm not really into pastels!.
E washer
I was planning to make the other two in the purple as well, and looking into child-safe ways to dye them other, bolder colours after knitting. Then, not long before Christmas, I had an epic op-shopping Saturday (gorgeous silk Jigsaw top for a few dollars! vintage embroidery thread in a lovely box, which went to my sister for Christmas! books and picture frames and can't-remember-what-else, oh my!). I came across several balls of white Cleckheaton 12ply cotton in perfect condition, and was pleased when I ended up paying very little for them. Sometimes odd balls of wool are ridiculously priced in op shops.
N washer
Edited to make more sense: I decided my niece could have purple and I could do white ones for the boys. It was just as well it turned out this way, and I didn't have to go in the dye direction, as I tend to bite off a bit more than I can chew before Christmas (they were all little projects, I swear!)


Donna Lee said...

I am determined that I'd like to make knitted gifts this coming christmas (I've got 300 + days, right)

Taphophile said...

They are lovely washers, and a bargain too. Completely agree about op-shop yarn prices - tell 'em they're dreamin'!

DrK said...

these are such a great present idea and so beautifully made. how did your christmas decorations sell, by the way?