Saturday, January 23, 2010

after the storm rolls by

banana and carrot_2

As well as the face washers, the little kids also received this felted banana and carrot. Simple shapes I could improvise close to Christmas, without extensive trial and error.
banana and carrot
The shape of the banana is a little odd, not the perfect stereotyped banana shape, because I started some odd ineffective shaping before I realised that short rows were what was needed.

Below is the carrot pre-felting.
carrot before felting


twitchy fingers said...

It looks more banana-like that the freak show "must be this long with this much bend" bananas you get at Woolies! I love them - and young'uns would have too I bet.

Donna Lee said...

Finally, carrots that I like!

happyspider said...

So cute! Love them!

Alwen said...

Awww! Those are cute!