Monday, February 22, 2010

Their cups still full of sand

I never get my crafty 'to do' lists entirely ticked off. (Do you? I'd love to know) They just evolve, with some items getting written back into list after list, and others falling into a crevice in the back of my brain (doubtless also still recorded towards the the front of one of my notebooks - but I rarely look there). I just have to trust that if they're worth it, they'll come out eventually.

Do you ever worry about the things you've forgotten to remember? Wait, I know that sounds like a pointless and crazy question. What I really mean is those times when you think of something you'd like to remember later, and you have to decide if it's worth finding somewhere to record it just that second or whether to trust that you'll remember it later. It's at that decision point I tend to wonder about some of the things I have trusted to memory that have never come back.

But this is one idea that was always going to come back. Half an egg carton has been sitting on my dressing table for years. (Little sister, I'm so sorry, I think you know what this is).

Protected inside for all that time, three beautiful dyed and painted Easter eggs. My sister made eggs like these for the whole family a few Easters ago. I resolved to make a suitable vessel for mine, probably felted. Then I just put them in a safe place and nothing happened.
The blue and gold wooden egg (no, it doesn't go, I don't really mind) is a trigger to get going on this project. I bought it just the other day. Because I liked it but also because I knew it would give me a push to get on with the egg-vessel (don't know if it will be a basket, exactly) project.


Donna Lee said...

yes, I do worry about the things I tell myself I'll remember. I don't know how many things I've actually forgotten.....

The eggs are beautiful. Are they blown eggs? They're so fragile looking. I've always wanted to try some Ukranian eggs (the dying and the waxing look very complicated but oh so beautiful)

Something woven might look nice texturally with the eggs.

twitchy fingers said...

I never get even half of my ideas to fruition... But you must build a nest for those beautiful eggs - the need a suitable home. I'm sure whatever you come up with will be lovely!

knitting sprouts said...

my list it too long to think about - but my it feels good hen one comes off it doesn't it?

DrK said...

endlessly, things getting moved further back in the queue as new things get added. its never ending. those eggs are worth some effort tho!