Wednesday, June 03, 2009

You tried to steal my truck but that's not what this is about

What is it about my scarves and my sisters? About two years ago, a lace scarf I knitted for sister D went missing at a party. And although I had plenty of the wool and was strangely keen to knit the same scarf again to replace it, she just felt too sad about it to have the same one again. We've only recently settled on a replacement project, a lacy tam/beret, pattern yet to be picked. Any suggestions? I have some 4ply Polwarth from Tarndwarncoort put aside for it, but that's not locked in.

A couple of weeks ago, sister E accidentally left her little neckwarmer scarf in the change rooms at Target on a Friday night. She realised pretty quickly, and left several messages about it with staff and answering machines over the course of the weekend. She was so upset and annoyed at herself, and nearly gave me a heart attack with a solemn phone call of the "I have bad news" variety. I was worried it was something awful about one of the kids, so I actually laughed with relief when I heard what the problem was.

We were both surprised it didn't show up at Target, given that more or less the entire staff must have been aware of it. (Apparently when she went to the service desk and started to say, "I left something behind in the change rooms last week" the person there didn't even ask her name, she just said "I know, I got your messages!") So we can only conclude that someone took a liking to that one, too.

The replacement will probably be knit in an evening or two, and I've been able to find enough of the discontinued Cleckheaton Merino Spun floating around in my felting stash. Then I'll just need to find the perfect buttons.


Donna Lee said...

I feel for your sisters. When I was a kid, I used to leave things on the bus all the time. I'll bet the school's lost and found had 10 umbrellas by the end of the school year.

Michelle said...

It's tragic when you leave something behind that was made with so uch love. I left a scarf I made - it was just gorgeous - at either Dendy or a shoe shop, and of course it has never been seen again, even after going through the lost and found box at Dendy.

I hope my scarf makes someone else very happy :)

Taphophile said...

Knit-stealing varmints should be condemned to crocheting acrylic granny squares for eternity! Look forward to seeing the replacements, though.

dr k said...

while horrid to have your lovely scarves stolen, i am not surprised becos they are so gorgeous! now we get to see some more!

Bells said...

Sean left a very special gift I made him - a crochet bookmark - on the bus recently, or it slipped out of the book I think. Both very sad. These losses are awful aren't they?

DZ said...

Oh dear, this is sad news! Not that it's much of a silver lining but I guess the fact that she was wearing it out and about (said in a sexy-arse Canadian accent!) means she loved it. Though, I guess this isn't REALLY a comforting thought - but you know what I mean. xxx