Monday, June 15, 2009

Not such a yarn snob

buster blanket-3
I made a blanket and I am ridiculously pleased by it. OK, it's a lap blanket.
buster blanket-2
It's a bit daggy and was always going to be that way. I had this fuzzy blue stuff (Lang Arté, picked out of a specials bin at Lincraft several years ago) that I originally thought could be a quick spidery shawl. When I finally tried it I didn't like it knit alone, as it was somewhat fragile and stretchy. So I combined it with leftovers of a nice cottony-feeling acrylic (Elle Pure Gold) which I originally bought for a baby blanket for a no-wool family. Then I incorporated sections of some Euro-novelty stuff - also from Lincraft years ago - they had these bags with about eight different 'luxury' novelty yarns. This was before Lincraft had so many of its own branded product and they sold a lot of European imports. And there is a narrow purple stripe which is Cleckheaton Taboo, I think.

I should have separated the two different coloured sections in the middle, I think. But given that this was made with no planning and no counting of rows, generally brought out between projects or on those particularly brain-fried nights, I think it looks all right. If I had had enough of the Arté and the dark blue Pure Gold to do the whole thing with just those, it would actually look a bit like the type of bouclé throw rug you can buy for your couch.
buster blanket
In any case it is very warm and cosy, and doesn't show dog hair.


Karen said...

It looks quite lovely! Also warm and cozy, as you say.

Anonymous said...

I love it - it's quirky! - and I love your photography too. ily Ma

Bells said...

That's lovely. A great mix of yarns I think!

Michelle said...

I think it looks great, and very snuggly!