Friday, June 12, 2009

Some things about grandma.

scarf better
1. She would ask years after the fact if you were still using that jumper she knitted once upon a time. And if you weren't, just send it back and she would use it for something or someone else.

2. She was always willing to learn something new. After she married Grandpa she found someone to teach her to speak Polish, and she became pretty fluent. She didn't want to be left out when he talked with his friends. Also, her father was Polish and she connected strongly with the culture.

3. She would read my blog every now and then. There were a few times when something there seemed to really intrigue or amuse her, and she would mention it on the phone to me or I would hear about it through Mum. Those are the best examples I remember of genuine communication between us, when she recognised something I was saying and connected with it.

4. She really wanted us to gather around the piano and have singalongs. We usually disappointed her in this, especially as we got older.

5. She loved art and music. She was constantly reading novels, just like me. Unlike me she vetoed novels with anything too nasty in them.
scarf leaf


Anonymous said...

Your scarf looks spectacular with the leaves on it, and that was a lovely tribute Liv. I've been thinking about her a lot this week, probably because it's almost the first anniversary of her death. ily Ma

Michelle said...

Beautiful scarf, and beautiful tribut to your grandmother. She sounds like my kind of woman - I give up on books that have anything nasty in them too.

Donna Lee said...

Sounds like a woman I would have liked. I'd love singing around a piano! And I love a good novel (grody bits or not)

Taphophile said...

The scarf is a thing of comfort and tribute. It's unique and beautiful. Your tribute does justice to your relationship.