Sunday, March 29, 2009

You call me sweet like I'm some kind of cheese

pear beads close
I used to buy a lot of beads and make jewellery pretty regularly. Other creative pursuits have now taken over more of my time, but a few factors have conspired recently to get me back into it.

1. I have a desk now. It is so much more inspiring to be able to sit up at a desk rather than crouching at the coffee table at the old house. I can also easily leave works in progress sitting there and come back to them when it suits me. Some years ago I bought a small mobile computer desk to work on and store all my beads. The idea was that it could be shut away in the spare room and brought out to the living room as needed. And it worked for a while but it was a hassle and we were so cluttered in the living area that I wasn't inclined to bring it out and add to the general claustrophobia.

2. Mum asked me if I could rejuvenate some of her earrings made by me over the years. We're replacing the findings with better quality gold plated stuff and the results are very pleasing.

3. I fell in love with these beads at an African drumming stall at that festival I went to recently. I dug them out of a big bowl of mixed glass beads, and isn't that the BEST way to buy beads? You feel like you could unearth a treasure. I get much the the same feeling diving to the bottom of bargain bins full of wool. Before I made them into a necklace they really looked pear-shaped to me. Now I'm not so sure. I'm also not sure this necklace actually suits me perfectly, but I love it anyway.
pear necklace


Michelle said...

I absolutely love those beads. They look more like miniature gourds than pears.

And I agree with you on finding those treasures in the bins or bowls. I'm much the same with the $2 fat quarter basket at quilt shops.

Taphophile said...

First thing I thought was - pear beads! It's a thing of loveliness.

Alwen said...

They do look pear-ish.

The diving I like to do is the sparkly dice at the gaming convention my husband goes to. They are so pretty (and hard to get good photos of).

Donna Lee said...

I love the beads. I love the feeling of putting my hand in a big bowl of beds and letting them sift through my fingers. I'm very tactile (I have a hard time at museums because I want to touch everything). They look so smooth and cool.

DZ said...

These beads are amazing Olma! I can't wait to see you wearing this simple yet stunning piece.

Jejune said...

Glorious beads! I love the necklace you've made - and with great associations with the festival, too :)