Friday, March 13, 2009

Although we're wearing different faces, nobody wants to hide

I've put a whole lot of last weekend's Womadelaide photos in a Flickr set, including more flags and bright blue skies for people who like that sort of thing. Hope you enjoy.

In a comment on my last post Tara said she was reminded of playing in the roots of those enormous Moreton Bay Figs, pretending the gaps between the roots were rooms of a house and sweeping them with branches with leaves on them. I like that story. Actually I would like to live in that kind of house, if the scale was right! When we were kids we had friends down the street who had a tree with a big hole in it where fairies lived, we were quite sure. We used to leave food for them.

The Mobile Sewing Company, from the Netherlands, have sewing machines attached to the back of two bikes. People offer the clothes off their backs for creative alteration. To get this done they need to pedal the bike for a while, to power the sewing machine. So clever and fun.
Mobile Sewing Company
On Sunday evening I was waiting in a line for food I had ordered, and there was a man ahead of me in the queue who had a Womadelaide t-shirt that he had obviously had embellished by the Mobile Sewing Company. I am still kicking myself for not asking if I could take a photo. I'm not always brave or outgoing enough.

Osadia have been at the festival before. I think they were there my first year (2005), but I hadn't actually seen them working. Imagine loud techno music and a small, rapt crowd watching intently.

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Kuka said...

wow - I love the Mobile Sewing compay idea!!
Your pics are great - so much colour and fun! It looks like you had a great time =)