Tuesday, March 10, 2009

white flags and the moon


I was planning to avoid posting too many pictures of Angus Watt's flags at Womadelaide, since I've done that theme before. But, Donna Lee, give a girl a tiny bit of encouragement and look what happens! I reckon you might enjoy that deep blue sky too.

I could easily launch into a love story about the trees in Botanic Park, too.
love trees
small stage big trees


Tara said...

I come from Adelaide (now in Canberra) and we used to play endlessly in the roots of those enormous moreton bay figs. we would pretend the gaps between the roots were rooms of a house and would sweep them with branches with leaves on them. Your mention of these trees brought the memories rushing back...

Donna Lee said...

Since I am looking at cloudy, rainy skies today, YES I love the blue sky. The flags are endlessly fascinating to me. Thank you Olivia!

Lene Andersen said...

Love that photo of the white flags and the moon! And not just becuas ethe sky's blue and there's that weird thing on the trees... what's it called again? Green... lots of it... oh! Leaves, is it? It's been so long I'd forgotten. ;)