Friday, March 09, 2007

what makes a hotel stay?

Is it the enormous, amazingly comfortable bed? Huge TV?
Oh, maybe.

Real paintings on the walls, atmospheric light fittings in the bathroom?
Could be.

The fancy aromatherapy bath products?

For me there is only one critical benchmark.

A hotel stay just is not impressive if there isn't a cushy white towelling robe awaiting.

Never mind the fact that I have one of these at home, that I never wear. It's different when I'm way from home, got a hotel room to myself and only have work clothes. It's quite a bit cooler in Bowral than Canberra, and I didn't bring a comfy jumper.

This is the place where work put us up for two nights. But now I'm in Adelaide. Womadelaide starts tonight.


Taphophile said...

Wow, nice digs! Have fun in Adelaide. :)

louise said...

Don't forget the slippers - gotto have those matching slippers.

Olivia said...

matching slippers would have been the cherry on top - but alas, no slippers. Sadly there really wasn't much time to hang out in the room, nor to check out the beautiful grounds and gardens. It was a waste of space packing my running shoes!