Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Got my eyes wide open and I see the signs

I'm going to join in this party this coming Thursday night. Woohoo! It's for a good cause: raising funds for the Garema Place soup kitchen, and hats for the homeless. All knitters/crafters(no need to be exclusive!)/readers of the Yarn Harlot welcome.

(yay! Kuka pointed out that we Canberra knitters scored a mention by her Harlotness).

By way of further explanation, this is the rant that started it all.


Jejune said...

Looking forward to seeing you there! It's gonna be fun :D Dear dotter's school trip to Sydney has been postponed, woo hoo - so she *can* come along now too!

Bells said...

it's killing me to not know where this song title is from. Bugging the life out of me. I'm too lazy to google it and figure it'll come to me eventually.

thanks for pointing out the Yarn Harlot comment on Taph's blog. She's famous!

Olivia said...

Hey Bells if you recognise it that is SO AWESOME because she is probably my favourite female singer-songwriter ever. Hint, it's an early one for her. It's not the title though.

I didn't know (until now) that Stephanie had commented on Taph's blog! I hate that I am betraying my cool exterior but I have come over all fangirl.